Why become a Business Photos Trusted Photographer?

As a Business Photos Trusted Photographer you build relationships with local businesses and work with them to photograph their space. You will receive the training and support needed to capture Street View imagery which will be published on Google Maps. As a qualified Business Photos Trusted Photographer you are able to run your own independent business - with free support from Google.

Connect with local businesses

Educate local businesses about building their online presence and Business Photos for Business - sign up clients to help your business grow.

Perform a photo shoot

Performing a photo shoot is easy, normally done in less than 2 hours and allows you to use your creativity with point-of-interest photographs.

Publish images to Google

Use Google’s free online software tools to upload, process, and publish your images on Google Maps.

How Can I Learn More?

We’re glad you want to learn more! There’s several ways to learn more and get involved:

For the most information and to learn more about how to become a Business Photos Trusted Photographer, apply now.


Am I ready to apply?

Yes, if you have

  • A passion to run a successful high volume photography business.
  • A commitment of 30+ hours a week to the Business Photos Trusted Photographer program
  • Proven tele-sales or door-to-door sales skills

Are there any requirements?

  • Your own photography equipment (specific camera bodies and lenses do apply)
  • Business license
  • Computer with high-speed internet
  • Gmail account
  • Your own photography business website