What is indoor Google Maps?

Google Maps is getting even more useful by providing maps for indoor spaces such as airports, shopping malls, large retail stores, and transit stations.

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How do indoor Google Maps work?

Indoor floor plans are seamlessly integrated into Google Maps for desktop and Android and are automatically enabled when the user zooms in, and fade away when the map is zoomed out.

Why should I partner with the indoor Google Maps team?

Indoor Google Maps create a more convenient and enjoyable visitor experience at no cost! Your visitors can spend more time enjoying their experience, discover new points of interests, and avoid time spent searching for building directories.

How do I partner with the indoor Google Maps team?

To learn more about how to provide your floor plans and building layouts to Google, please use our Google Maps Floor Plans beta tool or visit http://maps.google.com/floorplans

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“Offering Google Maps on mobile gives the customer a self-service approach if they so choose.” Laurie Satran, internet specialist

Read the case study (PDF)

Mission College

“The advantages to working with Google are that they know what they’re doing. And as they are going through the world and mapping everything it makes sense to get on board.” Peter Anning, director of marketing and public relations

Read the case study (PDF)

Mall of America

“The future of this product is where it’s really going to be at .. when you look at layering data over the map data, that really excites me.” Lisa Grimm, digital brand manager

Read the case study (PDF)