Where can I find a list of indoor Google Maps availability?

We have over 10,000 locations available around the world. Please visit the partner list for a list of selected locations.

What does it mean to be a partner with indoor Google Maps?

Google Maps Indoor partners can include their floor plans and labeled layouts of their venues in Google Maps for desktop and mobile. Visitors can see indoor maps on their mobile devices to conveniently find points of interest in supported venues.

How are indoor Google Maps useful?

Indoor Google Maps create a more convenient and enjoyable visitor experience.

How do visitors start using indoor Google Maps?

Desktop users can simply visit the location on the map using http://maps.google.com and your venue’s indoor plans will be displayed at supported venues.

Visitors can get the current Google Maps application by visiting the Google Play Store or go to:

How often are the maps updated?

Indoor maps are updated regularly in partnership with the property owners and their authorized representatives.